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VSTECS PHILS. INC. – VSTECS Phils., Inc. is one of the leading ICT distributors in the country. We help organizations and individuals benefit from advances in information and communications technology through availability of products, solutions, and services. Our foundation is built on the brands we represent, the quality of our workforce, our relationship with our channel community and the infrastructure we have to hasten the transfer of technology.

Since 1998, we have transformed from a small organization to an ICT distribution powerhouse representing some of the biggest and most trusted brands in the ICT industry. From the simple ICT requirement of an individual to the most sophisticated and advanced requirement of a large-scale enterprise, we have what it takes to be competitive and digitally empowered.

VSTECS Phils., Inc. is a member of the VSTECS Group, a regional distribution network. Our regional presence and infrastructure bridge a collective partnership with world-class brands, faster access to technology, and solidify our financial capability.


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