RIBO’S FOOD CORPORATION - Our company RIBO’S FOOD CORPORATION has been in the food business in Cebu and the Philippines for over 20 years now.  We started with bakeries, burger chains, and catering business with Wimpy’s Food Express, and established ourselves as one of the city’s favorite catering service providers.  After years in the food industry, we developed and ventured into a distinct and unique barbecue grill concept, and we are proud to say that we became a staple food and “Go-To” food for the local Cebuanos.  Lolo Pinoy Grill serves unique pork, chicken, beef, and chorizo barbecue varieties.  Moreover, we expanded likewise into the food cart business with Mr. Potato, a comfort french fries stalls with different flavors.  After years of studies, we ventured into the Lolo Pinoy Lechon de Cebu, very proud to say that we have the best tasting Lechon that Cebu is known for.  We are located at the Cebu Domestic and International airport that caters to the volume of customers and passengers.

We have tied up recently with the Group Dean and Deluca and Alishan @ The Alley, a Milk Tea shop for the entire Cebu City and its province.  We are currently fortifying our food business by adding food choices that suit both local and foreign tastes.

Website: www.dnogroup.ph