Policy Advisory: Online Applications for Bureau of Customs (BOC) Documents


To facilitate processing of documents in the light of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Bureau of Customs (BOC) has intensified the online processing of several customs permits and other documents since March this year.


1.      For exporters.  Applications for Export Declaration (ED) can only be processed online through the Value Added Service Providers (VASPs) of the E2M system namely: (1) www.ekonek.com, (2) www.intercommerce.com.ph, or (3) www.cdec.com.ph. Supporting documents should be submitted in electronic Portable Document Format (PDF).  Processing of Certificate of Origin (CO) remains manual.


2.      For importers.  Those processing import entries such as Goods Declaration may visit client.customs.gov.ph to create a ticket. Using this e-ticket, the progress of the documents/shipments may then be tracked through the Goods and Declaration Verification System (GDVS) which can also be found in the website: www.customs.gov.ph. GDVS is the web-based application that enables the random assignment of examiners and appraisers to a given goods declaration and provides real-time updates on the status of such declarations.


Importers or other clients with incomplete documents may also apply for a Provisional Goods Declaration (PGD).  To do this, submit an affidavit of undertaking in the system promising that all supporting documents will be submitted within 45 days after the release of shipments. Note that lodgement of provisional goods declaration may only be allowed in the following circumstances:


·       When no regulatory permit, clearance or license has been presented at the time of lodgement, provided that the importer has filed his application for such permit, clearance or license, prior to or after the arrival of goods into the Philippines, depending on the policy of the concerned agency;


·       Any other situation where the declarant lacks certain information or document to make a complete goods declaration, provided it is not due to the declarant's negligence or fault, and provided further that the mandatory information and documents are present.


Below are the Customs Memoranda released to facilitate these online processes. They may be accessed through this link https://bit.ly/2VOnYkU.

1.      CMO 01-2020: Implementation of the Modified Goods Declaration Verification System (GDVS)

2.      CMO 07-2020: Interim Procedure on Provisional Goods Declaration (PGD)

3.      CMO 08-2020: Guidelines in the Implementation of the Zero-Contact Policy at the Assessment Offices in the Bureau of Customs

4.      OCOM Memo No. 61-2020: Online Filing of Goods Declaration


The above information were discussed by BOC Assistant Commissioner Atty. Vincent Philip Maronilla during the third episode of the #ResilienceandRecoveryPH eFora Series, “Local and Global Supply Chains: Quick Assessment and Ways Forward” last April 15.  This and the other two Episodes dated April 1 and 8 may be viewed again from the FB pages of PCCI, PHILEXPORT and ECOP. --- Philexport Policy Advisory, April 24, 2020