innovation@ph webinar series features Lazada and PLDT’s Beyond Fiber

PCCI successfully launched its innovation@ph webinar series with a feature on Lazada and PLDT’s Beyond Fiber.  The webinar series put the limelight on the growing digital landscape, featuring digital solutions to businesses and best practices from local business leaders who have digitalized their operations.


“It is a must that businesses have to invest in digital technologies,” said PLDT Category Head for Fixed Core Business Solutions, Mr. Marc Roxas.  Such investments would strengthen the resilience and enable businesses to mitigate disruptions in the future.


With ongoing trends such as virtual meetings and work-from-home set-ups, PLDT Enterprise emphasized the importance of rethinking the how’s of doing business while incorporating online communication to reduce the need for face-to-face contact.


The Lazada webinar showed how enterprises, even start-ups and micro-enterprises, can leverage on online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms to reach out to Filipino consumers, who have been described as power-users of the internet, spending nearly ten hours a day online.


Eman Kazemi, Business Developer of Persia Grill and a certified Lazada seller, shared his experiences in digitizing a traditionally brick and mortar business such as a restaurant.


“One of the early stigmas in the restaurant industry was: will digitizing our food products really make people go online and purchase our goods?” said Eman.


One of the industries badly hit by COVID-19, the food service industry had witnessed a drastic decrease in foot traffic for dine-in.  Nonetheless, Kezemi said that COVID-19 successfully taught the food and beverage sector that even traditionally brick and mortar businesses have the potential to go digital.


The PCCI’s innovation@ph webinar series is set to continue in the following months.