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Innovation and Intellectual Property


The Intellectual Property Committee maintains principal responsibility in promoting the concept of intellectual property as a significant component of business development and innovation. The Committee seeks to encourage business owners and entrepreneurs to develop and protect their intellectual properties as well as enforce their rights as IP owners to create an engaging and relevant IP ecosystem in business. The Committee also bridges the gap between the industry and the academe by supporting activities and initiatives geared towards commercialization of relevant intellectual properties.


Director:                                                                               Mr. Edgar "Injap" Sia

Chair (Innovation and Science and Technology):           Mr. Leo Dominguez

Chair (Intellectual Property):                                             Mr. Jess B. Varela

                                                                                               Mr. Antonio Ll. Sayo


Staff-in-charge:                                                                    Ms. Anya Marie T. Cruz


                                                                                               Ms. Rhuby R. Conel



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