Indonesia issues new regulations on Halal

                                       Photo shows (L-R topmost) Atty. Abdugani Macatoman, undersecretary, DTI; Roberto C. Amores,

                                        director, PCCI; Senen Perlada, director, DTI-Export Marketing Bureau; and Professor IR Sukosu,

                                                                                  head, Halal Product Assurance Body, Indonesia



The Indonesian government has released a new law on the entry and distribution of Halal products, prompting the Philippines to enter into a bilateral cooperation to ensure that Philippine halal products, certified by local certifying bodies, can easily penetrate the Indonesian market.


Indonesia’s Law No. 33 of 2014 on Halal Product Assurance “regulates the material, processing, and certification of halal products, as well as international cooperation with foreign halal certification agencies.”


Specifically, the law calls for the mandatory Halal certification of products that enter, distributed and traded within the territories of Indonesia. Professor. IR Sukoso, head of the Halal Product Assurance Body (BPJPH) at a webinar on Doing Business in Indonesia, organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), said that the new regulations will implement changes in structure, procedures and composition of the new Halal authorities in his country.


The proposed MOU between the two countries is the most practical way to address Halal certification issues. It will also serve as an instrument for the subsequent establishment of mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) for Halal certification and accreditation of halal products traded between the between the two markets.  


Jakarta-based Philippine Commercial Attachè Jeremiah Reyes said that discussions on the proposed MOU has started in 2018 and initial draft is now being routed to generate inputs from stakeholders particularly from the private sector with the end goal of making the cooperation more facilitative.

Roberto Amores hopes that the G2G cooperation will soon be approved and looks forward to its full implementation so that Halal exporters can fully maximize its benefit and penetrate the Indonesian market.



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