PCCI supports importation of pork to augment local supply, stabilize prices

29 January 2021 - The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the largest business organization in the country, is supporting the plan of the government to increase pork imports under the minimum access volume to address shortage in supply and surge of prices.

PCCI President Benedicto V. Yujuico said that immediate and doable interventions have to be made to address the supply of pork in the market, which is caused by the contamination of African Swine Flu in the local hog industry, and help to stabilize prices.

“The risk of contamination and spread of the virus is really high because there is no available vaccine yet for ASF.  Raising pigs would be a big challenge for hog raisers and detrimental to the health of the consuming public,” Yujuico said, adding that the government should import pork from non-ASF contaminated countries for local supply until such time that the spread of ASF is curbed and local hog raisers can safely get back to their industry.

The African Swine Flu has adversely affected hogs’ farmers in the country.  The high incidence of ASF has led to a huge loss in the income of farmers and increase in meat prices.
Roberto Amores, director for the PCCI Agriculture Committee said that this situation may prolong unless a vaccine against ASF is made available.

PCCI welcomed the DA’S allocation of funds to the affected meat producers.

“It’s good that the DA has allocated funds to indemnify and subsidize hog farmers due to ASF contamination to help them as they cope with the situation,” Amores said.
The Department of Agriculture announced its plan to initially import 54,000 metric ton of pork this year under MAV and triple the number to 162,000 metric tons thereafter. The agency is still studying to lower the tariff, which is currently at 30 percent.
A draft executive order (EO) has been sent to the Office of the President recommending the price ceiling on meat products to avoid further price hikes. Price ceilings on meat products are suggested at P270/kilo for kasim/pigue, P300/kilo for liempo and P160/kilo for dressed chicken.  The DA is also strictly monitoring prices of vegetables and fruits in the market. 







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