BOC to implement e-TRACC in various ports from July

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) announced it is ready to roll out the Electronic Tracking of Containerized Cargo (e-TRACC) System, as the platform and sealing devices are set up and there are enough personnel to provide 24/7 service.

In an online discussion, BOC Deputy Commissioner Edward James Dy Buco said the BOC is ready for the implementation of the program, which has been tested and streamlined with no major delays.  He said the software platform has been prepared and about 1,300 devices are ready for deployment by the program service provider.


Under the E-TRACC, "arming" at the ports of cargoes bound for Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) areas can be done in two to three minutes.  The BOC's Port Inspection Division Personnel (PID) will provide 24/7 service relating to the approval to arm and disarm the containers.

The E-TRACC System was established under Customs Memorandum Order No. 04-2020 to implement Customs Administrative Order No. 15-2019 (Rules and Regulations for Customs Transit in the Customs Territory).  The objective of the E-TRACC is to prevent smuggling by diversion.  The program is currently being pilot implemented in Batangas, MICP and POM.  The BOC is planning a phased implementation of E-TRACC across the country starting with major ports between in Subic, Davao and Cebu between July to August.


The fee is P500 per container within a 10-kilometer radius from port of discharge and P700 per container beyond 10 kilometers. --- Philexport News and Features



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