PCCI NCR submits 15-point policy resolutions

The PCCI National Capital Region submitted a 15-point policy resolutions including urging the legislative to amend Republic Act 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 to include a provision on ease in closing a business.  PCCI NCR members believe that closing a business should only take three days provided all the Original Licenses, Affidavit of Loss and Affidavit of Permanent Business Closure are filed with the government agency concerned.


NCR Chambers submit resolutions to help  businesses navigate the  present business  landscape

The fifteen (15) local chambers in the National Capital Region (NCR) submitted a list of their resolutions, for and in consideration of the Philippine government, during the 28th Metro Manila Business Conference  (28th MMBC to help  businesses navigate the  present business  landscape.


The resolutions include the following:


1)         COA:  


Resolved, that the COA pay special attention to the audit of various budget allocations, particularly the expenditures of the foreign loans obtained purportedly to help solve the COVID 19 pandemic.


2)         DTI:    


Resolved, that the DTI seriously pursue its program promoting and prioritizing the buying of local products.  That the DTI adopt and implement a policy of intra and inter commerce among the LGUs to perk up the different local economies.


3)         DOF/BIR:


Resolved, that the BIR be directed to temporarily suspend the issuance of Letters of Authority to audit books of accounts of taxpayers falling under the category of SMEs and MSMEs for the year 2019 and prior years and to resume issuance thereof only in January 2021 so as to allow for all such SMEs and MSMEs to recover from business losses/reversals suffered due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Resolved, that the BIR review guidelines on priority audit of taxpayers on the ff:

- for taxpayers whose compliance is below established benchmark rates

-   for taxpayers with shared expenses being imputed by a parent company to its affiliate

-   for taxpayers operating restaurants, cafes, catering business

-   for taxpayers reporting losses when increase in assets is more than 50% of previous year

-   Allow for faster business clearance for closure or transfer of business


4)         DOT/CUSTOMS:


Resolved, that the logistics and online facilities of the Bureau of Customs be improved so as to encourage people to use, wherever appropriate, no-contact and/or cashless transactions.


The Bureau of Customs to provide fast lanes for equipment for medical supplies and PPEs.


5)         MMDA and LTO:


            On violations of traffic rules, no contact policy and renewal of CAR registration.


Resolved, that the MMDA and LTO jointly come up with a policy on early service of citation/s for traffic violations imposed under the MMDA’s no contact program to the vehicle owner concerned and to allow online payment of the requisite fine so as to avoid delay or inconvenience in the renewal of registration of the vehicle concerned.


Resolved, that the senior citizens be exempted from the vehicle coding scheme.



6)         IATF:


Resolved, that the IATF make its guidelines effective at least 5-7 days after its announcement so as to allow time for preparation and organizing.


7)         DA:


Resolved that the DA provide technical and financial support to agricultural workers to improve their production capacities and volumes thereby stabilizing supply of raw materials needed by the manufacturing companies.


Resolved, that the DA, and LGUs and Barangays to promote urban-farming for food self-efficiency among city dwellers and to turn idle lands and parks into vegetable plots.


Resolved that the DA ensure adequate and continuous food supply by buying more produce from local farmers.


Resolved that the DA foster and integrate a modernization program using digital apps and tools to make agriculture attractive and exciting for more people, especially for the youth to engage in agriculture.


8)         DOH / PHILHEALTH: 


Resolved, that the DOH provide free training and regular conferences with Safety Officers of the companies and likewise, provide free first set of supplies for the isolation area.


Resolved that the DOH/PHILHEALTH focus on strengthening the healthcare system by supporting the hospitals and providing them with medical facilities and resources to enable them to cope with the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For DOH to help restore the confidence of consumers in business establishments by making sure that mass testing is done that more testing facilities are rolled out and that proper contact tracing is managed. This way, consumers feel safe when they go out. To bring back consumer confidence in the marketplace, it is important to create visibility that DoH is in control of the health situation in the Philippines.



9)         The Media and NTC to promote shows on sustainable development and more content on taking care of our natural resources.


10)          BSP


               Preferentially have Philippine currency be at a lower value compared to other international currencies thereby making Philippine products & services cheaper than imported ones, creating more business opportunities for Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, and many other sectors and bigger take home pay for OFW.



11)       For President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to direct the different government agencies like the Board of Accountancy, BIR, PRC, HULRB, CDA, and LTO to automatically renew all expiring licenses for all professionals covered for the years 2020 to 2021, provided that all fees will be paid as required for the renewal of same.


12)       For President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to order all LGUs to automatically renew all business licenses for 2020 without additional requirements provided the businesses pay the same amount as assessed in the previous year and if there is any business reversal, a simple proof of business losses be required to reduce the business tax payments.


13)       For President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to require SSS, PHIC, HDMF, BIR and other regulatory agencies to move into digital platforms for submission and approval of documents and that all payments be done thru online banking and other similar platform.


14)       For President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Congress to further amend the law on Ease of Doing Business so as to include a provision on ease in closing business.  That it should just take three days to close the business provided all the Original Licenses, Affidavit of Loss and Affidavit of Permanent Business Closure is filed with the government agency concerned.


15)          For President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to create a National Self-Reliance roadmap that can survive competition making abundant food, PPE & medicines so that when Famine, Pandemic or any calamity happens, there will be no shortage of critical supplies.