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As a conglomerate of Yesil Holding, in Renco Company, by means of our own patented building systems, we produce houses which can be built in 2-3 days by small amount of unskilled workers and these houses are totally fire, hurricane and earthquake resistant with perfect heat and sound insulation, without a need for a heavy equipment or crane. I believe that our composite houses could be the best fit for your markets.

In addition to building systems made of composite, we can also supply you with:

•             Composite based infrastructure products (manhole sets, frames, tool boxes, decks, parking barriers, guide ways, banks and toilet sets, etc.

•             Swimming construction systems

•             Vertical farming-green houses

•             GRP water tanks

With basic, standard and luxury houses projects for all kinds of one or multi floor masonry building applications, please consider the following advantages of Renco:

1) Quick : For instance a 100 m2 house carcass can be installed in 2 days with two unskilled worker (One floor, 2 bedrooms)

2) Economic:

* Just a subbasement is enough to start installation,

* No multiple transports for different materials (like concrete, iron, sand, water, etc), No need for crane or any heavy equipment.

* No need for waiting for the drying time, skilled and many number of worker need is totally eliminated.

* Does not get effected of climate conditions like other building types.

* No need for extra insulation for heat and sound since composite and our unique brick design supplies insulation on its own.

3) Safe:

* Resistant to Fire (fire resistance rate A),

* Proven resistance for strong earthquakes and hurricane resistant. (Wind load up to 225 km/h, snow load more than 150 kg/m2) 

* Ballistic resistance offered optionally,

* Healthy; no moulding, does not get affected by living organisms, does not contain any hazardous materials.

* Water resistant

For all the the official tests and reports please refer to our website link :

4) Flexible + Un/re-installable: The houses/buildings you build with Renco can be uninstalled and reinstalled to somewhere else you wish.

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