Intellectual Property

Promoting understanding and appreciation of intellectual property rights (IPR) continues to be the main advocacy of the IP Committee. To carry out this advocacy, the Committee, in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office-Philippines (IPO-Phil) launched the Alfredo M. Yao (AMY) IP Awards, which recognizes Filipino-owned IPR owners of patents, utility models, industrial designs (and trademarks) that have contributed or have the potential to contribute to economic growth and development. The AMY IP Awards is organized annually since 2009. With a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with IPO-Phil, the Committee continues to undertake information education campaign activities; intellectual property became among the topics presented and discussed in the Area Business Conferences this year. The Committee staunchly supports the Philippines' accession to the Madrid Protocol, which offers trademark owners the possibility of seeking protection for their trademarks in signatory countries.

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