Advocacy And Research

PCCI’s Advocacy and Research is comprised of fourteen (14) Sectors headed by a Director-in-Charge.  Under the Sectors are the Committees, which may be chaired by the Sector VP himself/herself or chaired by an industry leader. A specialist is assigned to provide technical assistance and coordination activities for the Sectors.

The Sectors serve as forum for discussing common issues as well as for taking initiative and action. Advocacy initiatives are aimed at influencing public policy, practices and social

systems that affect the economy in general, and the business community in particular. Through an array of activities that include conducting meetings, forums and seminars, building coalitions, lobbying and media relations, the Sectors articulate on issues and concerns to affect decision-making processes in favor of business and the investment environment.

Allowing its members' voices to be heard, the Advocacy Sectors maintain active, positive and open dialogue with government and other stakeholders to influence and protect pro-business policies. The Division ensures that the PCCI members are updated with the latest developments on key issues and mobilizes the business community when decisions affecting business comes before decision-makers.

PCCI's members are encouraged to join the committees which represent their company's strategic interests.

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